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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full Form Of Abbreviation OSS.

Full Form of Abbreviation OSS is:

OSS = Observatory of the Sahara and the Sahel.
OSS = Object Service Standard.
OSS = Objective Supply System.

OSS = Occupant Sensing System.
OSS = Ocean Surveillance System.

OSS = Off Screen Scene.
OSS = Off Site Sales.
OSS = Office of Space Science.
OSS = Office of Special Services.
OSS = Office of the Secretary of State.
OSS = Office of Student Services.
OSS = Office of Strategic Services.
OSS = Office of Statistical Standards.
OSS = Office of Space Station.
OSS = Office of Space Systems.
OSS = Office of Systems Support.
OSS = Office for Special Support.
OSS = Office Support System.

OSS = Old School Soldiers.

OSS = One Stop Shopping.
OSS = On Site Service/s.
OSS = On Board Support Software.
OSS = Online Service System.
OSS = Online Search Service.
OSS = Online Schedule System.
OSS = Ontario Seniors Secretariat.

OSS = Open Source Software.
OSS = Open Sound System (Linux system digital audio architecture).
OSS = Open Simulation System.
OSS = Open System Solution.
OSS  = Open Sky System.
OSS = Operation(s) Support System(s).
OSS = Operations Support Squadron.
OSS = Operations Support Services.
OSS = Operational Support System.
OSS = Operational Support Services.
OSS = Operational Storage Site.
OSS = Operational Support Summary.
OSS = Operational Services Switch.
OSS = Optional State Supplementation.
OSS = Optical Sight System.
OSS = Optical Storage System.
OSS = Optical Surveillance System.
OSS = Optics Support Structure.

OSS = Ordinary Strength Steel.
OSS = Organizational Supply Support.

Oss = Ossetic (linguistics).

OSS = Out of School Suspension.
OSS = Out Side Storage.
OSS = Output Shaft Speed Sensor.
OSS = Output Sub System.

OSS = Over-The-Shoulder Shot (Photography).
OSS = Overall System Sensitivity.

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