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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Full Forms Of RAM Is.

Meanings of Abbreviation RAM is;

RAM = Random Access Memory, Computer memory which can read and write very fast, a volatile memory. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Radar Absorbent Material. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Random Access Machine. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Rectangular Approximation Method. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Relative Atomic Mass. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Ripple Attenuation Module. (Technology & Science).

RAM = Responsibility Assignment Matrix.

RAM = Reverse Annuity Mortgage.

RAM = Reliability Availability and Maintainability.

RAM = Rolling Airframe Missile.

RAM = Root Apical Meristem.

RAM = Royal Academy of Music.

RAM = Royal Air Maroc.

RAM = Royal Alberta Museum.

RAM = Research and Analysis of Media.

RAM = Riverside Art Museum.

RAM = Remote Area Medical.

RAM = Armed Forces Movement.

RAM = Royal Arch Masonry.

RAM = Residents Action Movement.

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